Two groups came to work with GFF in the summer of 2016, both were multinational but as usual the majority consisted
of young Europeans.

The groups of summer 2016. The one above, a group of 19 individuals, was the first and stayed from
10. - 24. June, pictured here during an excursion with GFF in Grundarfjörður, Snæfellsnes.
The latter group, pictured below in their working surroundings, consisted of 14 persons and stayed
from 24. June - 8. July.

In a high school classroom the volunteers are informed of what is ahead for the next two weeks.

Horse manure is the main medium used to increase the lands ability to sustain higher plants. GFF took
smaller groupings to Bolaalda to complete work from former times. The wheel barrels were the handiest
of tools and here we have two volunteers from the first group bringing enrichment to an eroded pillow
in a rocky landscape.

Planting trees and colleting data on vital parameters while the rest of the group works against gravity,
bringing horse manure to the slopes of Sveifluháls from where the horse manure was unloaded, 22nd of June 2016.

Looking out for the plant kingdom in a vulnerable environment.

Dealing with the piles in rocky surroundings. 4.July 2016.

The first group was invited to a lamb soup lunch at Kaffi Gullfoss on their excursion. 20.June 2016.

Taking farewell. Every volunteer recieved a diploma verifying that they had actively taken part in revegetating
eroded land in Iceland. On the departing day of the first group, photo taken in Flensborgarskóli 24.June 2016.

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